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Nelson Hall Rm 1215 Renovation

20007 Nelson Hall Rm 1215 Renovation

NCSU Project

LOCATION: Nelson Hall; 2801 Founders Dr, Raleigh, NC 27607

SUMMARY: Nelson Hall is a four-story building with unoccupied sub-basement of type II construction and is sprinkled. It is shaped in an ‘H’ Configuration located on the southeast corner of Hillsborough Street and Dan Allen Drive. It is a classroom and administration building housing the College of Management.

This project is on the lower level (Level below Hillsborough St) – specifically Room 1215; once a staff lounge with kitchenette, seating and television situated on a double loaded internal corridor. The renovation accommodates (1) director’s office as well as a shared student space and storage closet. Creating an open view into this new vibrant space for the Office of Inclusion & Diversity was really important. With a modest budget to transform this space from a drab under utilized staff break area into a vibrant student hub, we wanted to ensure we analyzed the need for rated corridors. The pricey addition of rated glazing that had been used in all renovations to date was using outdated code summary data. This small renovation created a new standard for all future renovations at Nelson Hall.

Square Footage: 450 SF

Budget: Construction budget is $48,000.



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